The Yorkshire Doula 

Postnatal support in South Yorkshire 
I offer families emotional and practical support, breastfeeding or how to make up feeds safely to the recommended guidelines. 
Taking children to school. 
Preparing light meals. 
Walking pets. 
Looking after baby/other children whilst mum rests. 
Bathing baby. 
Loan of books. 
I provide a constant source of information to enable you to make a fully informed choice. 

Sleep Consultant 

Tina Southwood is a specialist Maternity Nurse and baby sleep consultant. Helping families with new born babies and older children experiencing sleep difficulties. With her extensive knowledge and experience she can help with all aspects of infant care from colic and Reflux management, sleep and feeding advice and guidance with routine establishment. 
Tina also offers special packages for new parent's who want to learn as much as possible following the birth of their precious new baby.