NCT Breast Pump Hire & Support 

Hire a hospital grade Ardo breast pump for less than £10 a week. I am a volunteer pump agent in Ely and this service is cheaper than hiring direct from Ardo centrally. I am also an NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor offering free and confidential Infant Feeding support to parents locally. 

Breastfeeding Support from The Yorkshire Doula 

In 2008 I trained to be a Le Leche league breastfeeding peer counsellor. I wanted to support mums to do the most natural, rewarding but sometimes hardest job in the world, breastfeed! 
Since then have worked with lots of families, supporting them through the “early days” providing information about breastfeeding management. I have found that by giving women the confidence, knowledge and skills to take away with them, by talking to families about my experiences, not being judgemental, giving reassurance, women can achieve their goal. 
I can offer a one to one session as part of my doula package or as a stand alone 2 hour session in the ante natal period to give you the knowledge and skills that can help get breastfeeding off to a good start. 
In this session I will cover: 
The golden hour & skin to skin. 
The early days and what to expect. 
The hormones of lactation and how they work. 
Postioning & Attachment. 
Feeding your baby at night. 
The signs breastfeeding is going well. 
The importance of milk transfer & what to look out for. 
where to access further help & support.