What Would Fiona Do? 

II am an experienced Maternity Nurse with over 11 years experience working closely with families with their newborn babies. 
A lot of parents read books from birth to a year and try to follow a structured routine. This is great but a tiny new baby needs time to adjust to being born. In the early days they eat and sleep a lot. Some parents try to get a routine too soon then stress when baby isn’t doing what they expect. So I wrote this book to show them that they can still have a structured day if they would like one but to listen to their baby and follow their cues and most of all relax and enjoy this precious time. This book covers for me the most crucial time of adjusting with a new baby. Getting breast feeding established, getting some much needed sleep and rest with a new baby in the house. Following cues and body language. How the baby adjust from the womb to our world. Traveling with baby. Siblings, pets, bathing, normal nappy contents, everything I could think of, that new parents worry about in the first weeks following birth. By three months baby is generally sleeping well and everyone knows what is happening each day. So everyone is happy.