Placenta Encapsulation and Remedies 

Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more about having your placenta made into capsules or a remedy. Many women have asked for this service in the UK for the last 6 years. Over 5,000 in fact have benefited from this service. We also offer expert training to women who wish to offer this consultancy service to compliment their businesses. Please get in touch with us at PlacentaUK if you would like more information at 

The Yorkshire Doula 

The placenta is steamed using the TCM method (Traditional Chinese Medicine) 
Mothers who have consumed their placenta in this way have reported: 
Significantly reduce post-birth bleeding 
Encourage a quick and healthy milk supply 
Replenish essential hormones such as oxytocin and CRH(stress reducer) 
Replenish essential nutrients such as vit B6 and iron 
Reduce stress levels 
Prevent the baby blues and post-partum depression 
Leave new mothers feeling calmer 
Give new mums the energy to cope with a busy day