Sleep Consultancy 


Sleep Baby Sleep is a local Maternity Nurse and Sleep Consultancy service run by Tina Southwood. Based in East Anglia and covering Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire, she has been a Maternity Nurse and a baby Sleep Consultant since 2005, offering support and guidance to families with newborn babies and toddlers. Tina has 27 years of experience in working with families, having also been a baby Nanny for 17 years. 

Infant Consultant 

Suzy Lane 
International Infant Practitioner, Sleep and Breastfeeding Consultant, Specialist Multiples & P.N.D. Advisor, Parental Coach in Positive Infant Social Behaviour. 
Specialising in : 
- Sleep Training in infants from 6 months of age upwards 
- Advise on age appropriate routines and gentle sleep settling in babies under 6 months of age to encourage good sleep patterns 
- Bottle refusal for parents returning to work (100% success rate to date) 
- Infant behavioural concerns including sibling jealousy/rivalry, toddler opposition. 
- Introduction of solid foods (Baby led and traditional) 
"My approach is geared towards your infants unique personality & respecting his emotional needs. I offer you advice & support that is tailor made to you as a family. I am cheerful, confident and can bring calm and a positive attitude into your home. I use 30 years of professional experience and some sleep science too, to show you consistent and gentle methods that really do work. The bonus for you is that you will have a big boost of confidence as a parent. 
There are never silly questions and I certainly don't judge your parenting ways, I simply offer you support and listen to you carefully to understand the type of parent you wish to be to your infant. 
It doesn't always have to involve lots of crying and stress. Sometimes just a few small adjustments can make a massive difference to your baby's happiness, his sleep patterns and well-being." 

Baby Sleep Rescue 

Supporting you to maximise your Baby and Child's sleep potential, International Child & Baby Sleep Consultant Rozanne Hay and mother to 4 children, brings 28 years of her wealth of experience and knowledge to parents in need of advice and hands-on help. 
Rozanne tailors a bespoke programme for your baby or child, balanced with your family's needs. She draws down equally from both intuition and experience to find a solution that supports your child to learn to enjoy sleep. 
Sleep habits must be viewed as a positive experience for a baby or child, and this is the core of Rozanne's work in jump-starting your baby's healthy sleep habits. 

Family sleep consultant 

My name is Diane, 
I have over 25 years experience, working along side families. 
I am a trained, Nanny, Maternity Nurse and sleep consultant. 
I offer gentle sleep solutions, to fit your child, and family. 
During an indepth consultantion, I tailor make a sleep method to suit your child. I don't believe one method fits all parenting styles. 
I then support families through the first week of the new routine, enabling them to go forward alone. 
I also offer a night maternity service. You can rest & recover, knowing your baby is in safe hands. 
Or maybe you would like some support for the first few days when you return home with your bundle of joy. A welcome home package is ideal, Bespoke packages to suit your needs. 
If you have any questions, please call me for a chat. 

Sweet Dream Babies 

Sleep Consultant 
Sweet Dream Babies is dedicated to providing specialist advice and comprehensive teaching for parents/carers. As an accredited sleep consultant, one of my main goals is to gently work towards establishing healthy sleeping habits, whilst taking into account all family members and their day-to-day lives. 
I aim to help parents/carers understand sleep in children, 'read' tired signs quickly and efficiently, set up flexible, enjoyable routines which lead to good sleep and teach their children to sleep independently and peacefully. 
I do NOT use controlled crying or the ‘cry it out’ method and I do not push children beyond what they are capable of for their age and stage of development. 
I offer physical and emotional support and encouragement to parents, to instill confidence in them as they learn to anticipate their baby’s/children’s needs and remain one step ahead. 
Hopefully there will also be time for a few laughs along the way!